CAR-T-cells give hope to defeat cancer

CAR-T-cells are the most modern and extremely promising direction of cell therapy.

CAR-T-cells are T-lymphocytes “trained” in the laboratory to fight against a specific type of cancer. Each type of cancer requires an individual approach in the creation of a specific line of CAR-T-cells.

CAR-T-cells are obtained from human T-lymphocytes, which are an important part of immunity.

In the treatment of human diseases, approaches to the use of both autologous and donor CAR-T are being developed.

Actually the application of CAR-T is experimental. But recently, two large biotech companies – Mesoblast Limited and Cartherics Pty Ltd – have teamed up to produce the so-called “off-the-shelf” allogeneic preparations of CAR-T cells.

First of all, scientists hope to defeat ovarian cancer and stomach cancer with the help of CAR-T.


In Ukraine, the scientists of the Institute of Cell Therapy have been actively working on the possibility of using cells isolated from the placenta for the treatment of colon cancer during the recent few years. The results of the research of the Institute of Cell Therapy scientists in this direction have already received international recognition – awards from the International Placenta Stem Cells Society (IPLASS, 2014), the International Federation of Placenta Associations (IFPA,2016 and 2017), and also published in leading international scientific journals.