The placenta value is estimated at 50 thousand dollars

Despite the considerable interest of different folks to the placenta from ancient
times, the placenta remains the least investigated human organ. We know that in old
times the placenta was used as a wound bandage, which greatly accelerated healing
of wounds, as well as in various pseudo-religious rites.
To date, Center for Trophoblast Research and Cambridge University Professor
Y. W. Loke has made a significant contribution to the extension of the existing
knowledge about the placenta. Nowadays modern research has shown that many of
the medical problems that a child encounters in life are due to placenta dysfunction
that occurred during their fetal development. And although in most cases the placenta
is disposed of as medical waste after childbirth, conscious parents worldwide are
increasingly asking to preserve this valuable biological material for the needs of the
It is already known that the components of the placenta such as umbilical cord
blood and amniotic membrane have a value. But scientists are investigating the
biological properties and capabilities of clinical use of other parts of the placenta.
Both fresh and frozen tissue preparations of the placenta are used daily for the
treatment of wounds, as well as in ophthalmology, gynecology, orthopedics, urology.
Extremely valuable are mesenchymal stem cells that can be isolated from the
tissues of the placenta, amnion, chorion and Wharton jelly of the umbilical cord. As
of 2019, there are about 150 international clinical trials, using mesenchymal stem
cells for regenerative therapy, and perinatal tissues (umbilical cord, placenta,
umbilical cord blood) often serve as their sources.
In amnion, one of the membranes of the placenta, a new type of stem cell –
epithelial precursor cells that have a special potential for regeneration of the skin and affected mucous membranes – has recently been discovered.
The extracellular matrix of the placenta can be used as a matrix in tissue engineering to grow other tissues and fragments of organs.
Taking into account all possibilities of clinical application, the medical market estimated the value of the placenta at 50 thousand dollars.

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