September 29 – World Heart Day

Cardiovascular diseases is the leading cause of death in people around the world. In addition to a genetic predisposition, an unhealthy lifestyle, in particular smoking, lack of physical exercises, poor nutrition, stress contributes to the development of cardiovascular pathology. Diabetes mellitus and hypertension also significantly increase the risk of atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction.

In order to attract public attention to cardiovascular diseases and methods of their prevention, World Heart Day has been marked on September 29 all over the world during 20 years. World Heart Day was established by the World Heart Federation, the World Health Organization and UNESCO.

On September 29, various educational events are held in different countries of the world to increase public awareness on the methods for preventing cardiovascular diseases, promoting physical activity, healthy sleep, lasting at least 7 hours, and eating healthy. Also, for the early detection of cardiovascular diseases and the prevention of dramatic events associated with them, it is recommended that even healthy people monitor blood pressure, and those over 40 years of age should regularly measure blood cholesterol levels.

The Institute of Cell Therapy supports World Heart Day on September 29th, and the creation of new effective approaches to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases using stem cells is one of the priorities of the Institute  Clinic.

Currently, the Institute of Cell Therapy has made progress in the treatment of coronary heart disease, dilated cardiomyopathy, chronic lower limbs ischemia using stem cell preparations. The method for treating critical ischemia of lower extremities, developed by the Institute of Cell Therapy back in 2012 received official approval from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Among the most successful cases of cell therapy for cardiovascular diseases  with the participation of the Institute of Cell Therapy are heart restoration in in an ATO fighter, suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy, using cord blood stem cells and the world’s first case of intracardiac injection of placental stem cells during coronary artery bypass grafting.


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