Stem cell therapy in Ukraine

The use of stem cells in the treatment of many diseases and in anti-age therapy is one of the most progressive therapeutic methods in world medicine.

Stem cells are successfully being used in the treatment of more than 100 diseases, some of which were previously considered incurable.

The specialists of the Institute of Cell Therapy have been working for about 20 years in the field of stem cells application for various pathologies, have their own patents, and take part in international programs of study and application of stem cells.

Our scientific, laboratory and clinical facilities meet high international standards. All divisions have successfully passed ISO international accreditation.

The great advantage of the Institute of Cell Therapy is own Cryobank and  modern cell culture laboratory.

Thanks to the help of our specialists, more than 5000 patients have improved their life quality.

Stem cell treatments

COVID-19 recovery treatment

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes


Cardiovascular system diseases


Metabolic syndrome

Autoimmune diseases

Lower limb ischemia

Anti-age therapy

About Stem Cell Clinic of the Institute of Cell Therapy

We invite those who are looking for the possibility of treatment abroad to the center of Europe – the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, where two modern clinics of the Institute of Cell Therapy are located.

20 years of work, a team of highly professional medical and scientific team, nationally and internationally recognized methods of treatment, modern laboratories and our own Cryobank are our main advantages. Choosing one of the clinics of the Institute of Cell Therapy for treatment abroad, you receive the maximum service: all our manipulation rooms and wards are equipped by up-to-date technology, we guarantee round-the-clock medical supervision, we prepare food in our own restaurant, taking into account the dietary wishes of our patients. We also take care of all arrangements related to treatment in Ukraine.

The first medical and diagnostic clinic of the Institute of Cell Therapy was opened in 2004.

Our scientists began their studies of stem cells
Opening of the first medical and diagnostic clinic of the Institute of Cell Therapy.
Obtaining a state license to conduct clinical studies using stem cells in partnership with leading scientific centers and institutes.
2012 Methods of stem cell treatment developed and applied by the Institute of Cell Therapy were approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Opening of the second clinic in Kyiv city, where new methods and achievements in the field of stem cell technologies are applied.
The first in Eastern Europe and the only one in Ukraine to conduct an official clinical trial for COVID-19 treatment with stem cells
Opening of a new clinic in Georgia, in Tbilisi

The Institute of Cell Therapy is a member of international associations:

Choosing the Institute of Cell Therapy for treatment you get:

world-class medical care
high level of service
Individual treatment programs
integrated approach to solving your health problems
opportunity to visit our beautiful country and its capital - Kyiv, with its architecture, culture, cuisine

How we work:

Step 1

Receive your inquiry

Step 2

Confirm possibility of treatment

Step 3

Confirm the dates of treatment

Step 4

Arrange your travel: visa support, individual transfer

Step 5

Treatment in our clinic

Step 6

Return home healthy: discharge, transfer

Team of our specialists


Call or write, and our consultant will give comprehensive answers to all your questions.


About Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. We invite you to our capital – Kyiv, where the clinics of the Institute of Cell Therapy are located.

Ukraine is a country with a modern developed transport infrastructure, ancient history, vibrant cultural traditions, hospitable friendly people, delicious food.

Ukrainians are open to new acquaintances, easily accept people of all nationalities and religions.

Find out more about Ukraine and Kyiv!

Free time
Free time

Arriving in Ukraine, you can visit not only Kiev, but also other cities. For those staying in Kyiv, the city can provide with interesting and varied leisure.

There are many exhibition centers and museums in the capital. Contemporary art exhibitions are regularly held at the Mystetskyi Arsenal, as well as at PinchukArtCenter.

A great way to combine time in the open air, a meal in a cozy modern cafe or restaurant and an acquaintance with the largest exhibition centre in Ukraine is to visit the National Complex “Expocentre of Ukraine”. In summer, concerts, various events and exhibitions are held here, in the cold season there is a fairytale town with winter entertainment, and there is also a permanent exhibition in the pavilions.

There are many restaurants in Kyiv for lovers of different cuisines: European, Asian, Ukrainian. We recommend that you take the opportunity and try Ukrainian traditional dishes that are on the menus of many restaurants.


Ukraine has a temperate continental climate. However, in the west and east of the country, in the north, south and center, the temperature may differ at one time of the year. For example, in Kyiv in summer it is mostly hot, in winter the temperature drops to minus.

The average temperature in Ukraine in winter is -1 …- 6 ° С (30.2–21.2°F), but in the south of the country the temperature almost never drops below zero. In Kyiv there are sometimes very cold winter weeks when the temperature drops to -12 …- 15 ° С (10.4–5°F). Lower air temperatures in the capital are rare in winter. Heavy snows in Kyiv are rare, but snowy winters also happen.

The hottest month in Ukraine is July. During the day, the temperature can reach +30 … + 32 ° С (86–89.6°F). Such hot days also occur in other summer months, but at the beginning and at the end of summer, as well as in September, evenings are chilly. Therefore, when planning your trip in the summer, keep in mind that it can be hot during the day and chilly by the end of the day. The average temperature in summer during the day is +20 … + 25 ° С (68–77°F). There are rainy days, so it’s best to have an umbrella with you.


Ukraine is a country where law enforcement is monitored by police, rule of law is respected, norms and rules generally accepted for Europe apply, including traffic rules.

You can safely rent a hotel room, rent a car, use taxi services. You can safely leave your belongings and documents in the hotel room, use ATMs and currency exchange services at bank branches.

At the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ukraine keeps all necessary health safety recommendations and rules in order to provide maximum safety to all travelers. All hospitality sector strictly keeps all conditions and terms of activity recommended by the World Health Organization and as well Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

General information about Ukraine

The state language is Ukrainian

Official state language is Ukrainian. Most people speak two languages - Russian and Ukrainian.
Banks, hotels, airports, restaurants always have English-speaking. Many young people know at least a basic level of English.

The national currency of Ukraine is Hryvnia (UAH)

Officially in Ukraine you cannot pay in any currency other than hryvnia. You can use a payment card in any currency in stores, at gas stations, in large supermarkets (check the conversion terms with your bank). Payments can be made with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro cards. At an ATM, you can withdraw money only in the national currency - hryvnia.


There is right-hand traffic in Ukraine.

Time - GMT+3.

There is one time zone on the territory of Ukraine: GMT+2 (and GMT +3 in summer).

Mobile phone and Internet

Ukraine Country Code is +380. You can use international roaming or buy a card of Ukraine mobile operator (this does not require documents or registration).
All hotels, most cafes, restaurants and other public places have free Wi-Fi internet access. LTE (4G) is the most common mobile Internet standard, but the signal is also transmitted in the 3G standard.

Emergency services

There is one emergency telephone number for all services, including the police: 112.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Visa to Ukraine?

Citizens of the countries-members of the European Union, the USA, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Andorra, the Republic of Iceland, Monaco, Norway, San-Marino, Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, Israel, Korea, Panama, Paraguay, Qatar, UAE, Turkey and Chile, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand don’t need visa for entrance in Ukraine. Visa-free regime of entrance in Ukraine and transit journey through it is valid for the citizens of these countries if the duration of their stay in Ukraine does not exceed 90 days. Citizens of other countries need visa to Ukraine.

Starting from 01.04.2021 until 30.09.2021 citizens of the People's Republic of China do not need a visa to enter Ukraine with a travel purpose.

Detailed information on entry regime to Ukraine:

We can send you visa invitation, if necessary, to make the visa process easier.

Is it safe to travel to Ukraine now?

Ukraine is tolerant to all its guests, to all nationalities and religions, the country where foreign tourists are always welcomed, differences are respected, and personal freedom is a matter of course. At the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ukraine keeps all necessary health safety recommendations and rules in order to provide maximum safety to all travelers. All hospitality sector strictly keeps all conditions and terms of activity recommended by the World Health Organization and as well Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Current information about coronavirus and quarantine in Ukraine:

How is the trip organized: visa, transfer, accommodation (clinic/hotel)

Our manager assists you along the whole process of organization of your travel: we provide visa invitation, arrange transfer basing on your ticket information and book you a room in our clinic.

What information should we receive to help you arrange the treatment?

Initially, we need to receive medical information and passport of the patient. Once the possibility of treatment is confirmed, we provide you with information on available dates of treatment. We also need your ticket information to arrange your transfer.

How long should the patient stay in Ukraine for the treatment?

Usually, 5-day stay is enough to finish the treatment. You can contact our manager to know more information about the treatment program.

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