Stem cells and placenta extract help to protect the body from virus infection.

Institute of Cell Therapy, along with the world community, is concerned about the spread of coronavirus and the lack of a specific vaccine for it. Understanding the mechanisms of function of stem cells and placental preparations, we have developed a therapeutic and prophylactic program to strengthen the immune system, which will help to protect the body from the viral intervention or avoid its negative (dangerous, deadly) effect, in case of infection.

The program is based on a combination of stem cells and placenta extract administration in maximum doses. In the body, stem cells and placenta extract function not only separately, but also complementing each other (synergistic effect). Stem cells activate body self-regulation and, through the activation of all hematopoiesis sprouts, increase the ability of the immune system to produce a rapid deactivating reaction in response to contact with any virus or bacteria. The placental preparation has an immunomodulatory effect at cellular and humoral levels, activates antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal immunity. Receiving a course of injection of the placental preparations and stem cells, the patient’s body receives a powerful trophic and general strengthening effect, increases the intensity of metabolic processes, the synthesis of biologically-active substances, accelerates the process of elimination of decay products and cell activity.

The program is not aimed at treating the disease, but at strengthening the body in order to minimize or avoid the risk of being infected!


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