Achievements of the Institute of Cell Therapy Clinic in 2019

Here comes the end of 2019… We have worked well and traditionally summarize the main achievements and successes of our Clinic in 2019.

1. Confirmation of the prestigious international accreditation of ISO 9001:2015.

In 2013, the Institute of Cell Therapy Clinic was included in the list of a few medical institutions of Ukraine,  who obtained the prestigious international certificate ISO and actually all departments of the Clinic have repeatedly  confirmed ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

2. Establishing leadership on the national market of long-term cryopreservation of perinatal tissues (cord blood, placenta, umbilical cord) and cell therapy.

Founded in 2003, the first Cryobank of Ukraine, established at the Institute of Cell Therapy, has been a leader on the national market of long-term perinatal tissues cryopreservation (umbilical cord, placenta, umbilical cord) during 17 years. Institute of Cell Therapy Clinic has the biggest in Ukraine experience of diseases treatment using stem cells in the framework of the clinical trials.

3. Successful completion of the clinical study “The effectiveness of the use of cryopreserved human amniotic membrane in keratitis of infectious and neurotrophic etiology”.

In 2019, the Institute of Cell Therapy successfully completed a joint clinical trial with the Institute of Ophthalmology and Tissue Therapy n.a. V.P. Filatov of AMS of Ukraine, the results of which allow the method of treatment of keratitis using placental tissue, developed by the Institute to be implemented in practical health care.

4. Launch of a new clinical trial “Evaluation of bone marrow and placenta stem cell efficacy in the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis”.

Cryobank of the Institute of Cell Therapy is a leader in providing national academic clinics and state medical research institutions the stem cells and human tissue preparations for clinical research. In 2019, the Coordination Center for Transplantation of Organs, Cells and Tissues of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine issued a permission to conduct a clinical trial involving the use of bone marrow and placenta stem cells in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

5. Participation in the international scientific project “International Network for Translational Research on Perinatal Tissues Derivatives for Therapeutic Use”, supported by a COST Action CA17116 grant.

The Institute of Cell Therapy is part of the European Cooperation for Science and Technology and during 2018-2022 participates in the implementation of a scientific project on the study of perinatal tissues (umbilical cord, placenta), funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 program.

6. Participation in an international scientific project “The Impact of Circulating Viral Transactivator Proteins (HIV-1 Tat and EBV Zta) on Gene Expression in B-Cell Lymphomagenesis” supported by a grant in the framework of a scientific collaboration between Ukraine and France.

High qualification of employees and modern equipment allows the Institute of Cell Therapy to carry out high-tech scientific research in the field of molecular biology, the results of which allow to create new cellular and genetic engineering preparations.

7. New protocols for manufacturing tissue and cell products have been developed.

One of the mottos of the Institute of Cell Therapy is continuous development and improvement. Our cryobiologists are constantly working to improve cryopreservation and cryostorage protocols. The viability of defrosted stem cells after long-term storage in liquid nitrogen already achieves 96%.

8. New services have been introduced (cryopreservation of fragments of autologous placenta, autologous umbilical cord, mesenchymal cells of autologous placenta).

Cryobank of the Institute of Cell Therapy owns exclusive methods of cryopreservation of the placenta and the manufacture of unique placental preparations, e.g. the placenta extract, suitable even for intravenous administration, mesenchymal placental stem cells and tissue transplants, in particular for use in ophthalmology.

9. Conducting research at the Gustave Russi Institute, a leading European oncology center.

Implementing the grant project in the framework of the cooperation between Ukraine and France Dr. V.A. Chablii, Ph.D., a deputy director of the Cryobank and Dr. I.Ya. Skripkina, PhD were conducting research at the Gustave Russi Institute during 2.09-31.09. 2019 and 2.09-7.11.2019.

10. Participation in the activities of international professional communities – Association of cryobanks, ISCT, IPLASS, IFPA, ISSCR.

The Institute of Cell Therapy is a co-founder and a full member of the Association of Cryobanks of the Umbilical Cord Blood, Other Human Tissues and Cells, and the Cryobank staff are members of the International Society for Cell Therapy (ISCT), the International Placenta Stem Cell Society (IPLASS), International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR). Through membership in major professional communities, Cryobank is able to access the latest developments in stem cell biobanking and cell therapy, as appropriate, to provide its clients and patients with consultations from leading industry professionals as well as to share own knowledge and achievements with the international medical community.

11. Participation in 6 international scientific conferences.

During 2019, the employees of the Institute of Cell Therapy participated in 6 international scientific conferences abroad. This is the EMBO/EMBL Symposium: Identity and Evolution of Different Cell Types (Germany); ISCT Annual Scientific Meeting (Australia); ISSCR Annual Scientific Meeting (USA); 13th Annual Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Conference (France); International Scientific Conference “Technical Advances in the Service of Medicine” (Poland).

12. 7 scientific publications based on recent research.

The subject of special pride and proof of international recognition of the scientific achievements of the Institute of Cell Therapy are the publications of our scientists in leading international specialized editions, where the publishing of an article is preceded by a long and precise review of work by leading foreign specialists of the industry. During 2019, Cryobank’s research staff and physicians of the Clinic published 7 new research papers. The most important of these is the scientific article “Highly proliferative multipotent placental cells express cytokeratin-7”, published in the international peer-reviewed scientific journal BioMed Research International, indexed in Scopus and Pubmed (2.6).

13. Publication of the professional journal “Cell and Organ Transplantology”

Since 2013, with the financial support of the Institute of Cell Therapy, the exclusive scientific and practical journal “Cell and Organ Transplantology” has been published for Ukraine. The journal is included in the list of specialized journals of Ukraine and is intended for a wide range of doctors, scientists, students of medicine and biology, who are interested in the issues of cell and organ transplantology or work in this field. The journal is indexed in international scientific databases, including Google Scholar, Copernicus Index, Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, NLM Catalog, CiteFactor, International Scientific Indexing, and the Open Academic Journals Index. The journal is also registered in the Pubmed database.


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