Physiotherapeutical methods of treatment

The aplicatoion of the physical factors traditionally is supposed to be the important part of the prevention and treatment of different diseases. The physical factors may be the main or the additional method in the complex of medical interventions, which include medicinal treatment, surgery, medical gymnastics, diet nutrition etc.

Physiotherapy effects are based on the fact, that the physical (electric, radiation, magnetic etc) energy, absorbed by the living tissues, is transformed into the biological reactions. The final treatment result depends on the concrete factor, number and single dose of the received procedures. The optimal effect of physiotherapy occurs under the conditions of not single but repeated exposure to the procedures (treatment course). Electrotherapy is helpful in the functional disorders, used for the treatment of inflammatory, traumatic, distrophic diseases of the joints, some diseases of the nervous system and internal organs.

The duration of the physiotherapy procedures makes from 10 to 40 minutes. The primary effect of the procedure is felt just after its end, usually, as the nice feeling of warmness and relaxing, which last up to several hours. But about 10 procedures are required for the stable medical effect.

Physiotherapy metods are widely used in the Programme of postdelivery rehabilitation, which is conducted in the Clinic of the Institute of Cell Therapy.

The use of physiotherapy in the post-delivery period significantly decreases the evidence of postdelivery endometritis.

The contraindications to the physiotherapy procedures include: acute inflammatory processes, blood diseases, malignant and benign tumors, increased bleeding, circulation insufficiency over the 2nd stage, angina pectoris, rest angina pectoris, heart and vessels aneurysm, frequent paroxysmal rhythm alterations, the severe course of the chronic coronary heart diseases with the frequent cases of heart attack, acute excacerbation of the course of all diseases.

Physiotherapeutic devices of the Clinic are presented by the devices of the German company gbo Geratebau Odenwald AG :

Radiotherm® 906 is a physiotherapeutic device for the stable and impulse microwave ultrahighfrequency (UHF) therapy. UHF-therapy is the method of treatment, based on the use of the microwaves energy – electromagmnetic field of the ultrahigh frequency. The thermic and nonthermic influene on the body surface is perfomed. In the course of the deep warming of the certain zone, the intensification of the cell turnover, neutralization of the tissue inflammation, spasm release, increase of phagocytosis occur in it.

UHF therapy have the intermediate place in the spectrum of the electromagnetic waves between the waves of ultrahigh frequenc and infrared rays. This mediates the physical properties of microwaves, typical for the radiowaves of ultrahighfrequecy (the capability to get in to the biological tissues) and for the infrared rays (reflection, breaking, absorption b the biological tissues).

UHF therapy has a regulating and stimulating effect on the nervous system and endocrine metabolism. The action of microwaves causes the normalization of the tone of peripheral vessels, activation of microcirculation (acceleration of blood flow in the capillaries, their dilatation), increases oxygenation of blood, has regulating effect on the vascular permeability, improves oxidation-reduction and trophical processes in tissues. UHF therapy, activating the autonomic nervous system (mainly its sympathetic branch), facilitates the improvement of glucocorticoid function of the adrenal glands, inhibits the allergic reactions, normalizes trophism of the synovium.

UHF therapy improves peripheral nerve conduction, normalizes the lability of the neuromuscular system, reduces muscle atrophy, possesses analgetic effect. The depth of tissue penetration is 3-5 cm Tissue temperature is increased by 5C. The minimum duration of exposure to one area makes 2-3 minutes.

UHF therapy has a physiological and therapeutic effect. Irradiation leads to reflectory and neurohumoral reaction. This causes the dilatation of blood vessels, increases the number of functional capillaries, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, has anti-resorption effects.

Indications for UHF therapy include: acute, subacute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the paranasal sinuses, middle ear, tonsils, respiratory organs (bronchitis, acute, lingering and chronic pneumonia), odontogenic inflammation of the upper and lower jaw, subacute and chronic inflammatory, traumatic and distrophic diseases of the muscular and skeletal system (myositis, epicondylitis, intervertebral osteochondrosis, deforming osteoarthritis, bursitis, sprains, contusion), subacute and chronic diseases of the genital organs (oophoritis, prostatitis, epididymitis), postoperative infiltrates, furuncles, gidradenitis, trophic ulcers, peptic and duodenal ulcer in the phase of fading recrudescence, gastroduodenitis, chronic gastritis, hepatitis.

Contraindications: cancer, active tuberculosis, pregnancy, thyrotoxicosis, systemic blood diseases, the presence of metallic objects in the tissues, circulatory failure above the 2nd degree, chronic ischemic heart disease, heart and brain infarctions, aneurysm of the heart and blood vessels, paroxysmal cardiac arrhythmias, ulcer with pyloric stenosis and suspected penetration, antral gastritis, epilepsy. Contraindications also include the presence of electronic implants, endoprosthesis, body parts with metal inserts and tuberculosis.

HiTop®182 is the instrument for high resonance therapy. Apparatus impulses cause resonance oscillations of intracellular structures, which induce a cascade of cellular processes. An intensive detoxification and “rejuvenation” of the cells occur, increasing their potential, intensification of the metabolism and energy production. On the tissue level, this is manifested in the decrease of edema, pain, inflammation, acceleration of the recovery. The device has two channels, for all types of treatment the algorithms of frequencies are designed. Instrument can be used for medical and rehabilitation purposes. In the field of sports medicine this equipment is used for the purpose of lipolysis, treatment of cellulitis, fat burning.

Indications: Treatment of pain, miorelaxation, increase of energy consumption, rehabilitation, lipolysis (decrease of the fat cells), edema treatment, rehabilitation treatment, general rejuvenation.

For all types of treatment the algorithms frequencies are designed.

It is possible to treat patients, suffering from varicose veins disease, having metal implants, stents and open wounds (ulcus cruris).

Duration of therapy session makes 5-40 minutes, standard time is 30 min.

There is possibility to operate on two independent channels.

There are two modes of oscillation discreditation for the therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes SimulFAM I SimulFAM X.

Universal-Neuroton® 926 as a therapeutic tool is used to relieve pain, muscular spasm, for the treatment of general or local muscular tissue degeneration, paralysis, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, disorders of peripheral blood circulation. The device generates a current of 36 forms. There is a module of ultrasound therapy with continuous or pulse action for the combination of electro and ultrasound therapy. As the electrodiagnostic complex, it determines accommodation, chronaxia, rheobase and acupuncture points. The device allows the complete non-invasive diagnosis of peripheral paralysis. The use of direct current (galvanization, medical electrophoresis), impulse currents (interference-therapy, electrical stimulation, etc.) is possible. The treatment with impulse currents relieves spasm of blood vessels and smooth muscles, which helps to improve blood supply to the tissues, has an analgesic effect.

• treatment of paralysis with complete muscular degeneration,
• treatment of muscular atrophy after prolonged periods of immobilization,
• electrical stimulation to a small muscular fatigue,
• treatment of pain, cramps, peripheral circulatory disorders
• muscular toning and detonating.

It is necessary to mention the biophysical feasibility of ultrasound application on the acupuncture points. Only at the points of acupuncture the piezoelectric effect may be induced – the ability to generate different electrical potentials under the mechanical influence (with ultrasound). Thus, low-intensity ultrasound at acupuncture points can cause the formation of bio-potentials, determinating the therapeutic effect of this method. The influence of ultrasound restores the nervous regulation of the human body, improve somatic vegetative functions, adaptive systems and bio-energetics of the body.

Ultrasound effects perfom a special micromassage of cells and tissues, accompanied by the feeling of warmness, provide pain relief, “softening of adhesions”, improve blood supply to tissues and increase hormonal activity of the ovaries. It is necessary to mention the biophysical feasibility of ultrasound application on the acupuncture points. Only at the points of acupuncture the piezoelectric effect can be induced – the ability to generate electric potential under the influence of mechanical effect (ultrasound). Thus, low-intensity ultrasound at acupuncture points can cause the formation of bio-potentials, determinating the therapeutic effect of this method. The influence of ultrasound restores the nervous regulation of the human body, improve somatic vegetative functions, adaptive systems and bio-energetics of the body.

The device AMT-Kovert-04 is used for millimeter therapy on the acupuncture points. It has a very wide range of applications and almost the complete absence of contraindications, prominent preventive and therapeutic effects on the body.

Millimetric-wave therapy is a method of electric therapy, based on the use of ultra-high-frequency electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic millimetric waves are wavesm propagating in the environment, in spaces and tissues with frequency from 30 to 300 MHz, what corresponds with the wavelength from 10 to 1 mm. In medical practice non-thermal intensivenesses are used, at which the temperature rise of local tissue does not exceed 0.1 °. Wave energy is absorbed by molecules of free water, aqueous solutions, proteins, lipids, oxygen, collagen, cell membranes, DNA. The absorption of millimetric waves by skin is 3-fold higher than the centimeter waves.

They penetrate tissue to a depth of 0.2-0.6 mm, affecting the epidermis, the papillary and reticular layers of the skin.

They affect the collagen fibers, located in these layers of the skin and cause the release of biologically active substances, stimulating the output of histamine from mast cells, this leads to a change in the permeability of cell membranes.

Cells, molecules, atoms and other particles that make up living organisms have a range of electromagnetic oscillations in the space, which coincides with the range of millimeter waves. These fluctuations are used by the cells as signals to control metabolic processes, for the restoration of the disturbed functions, enhance the body’s resistance to adverse environmental effects.


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