Following scientific achievements of ICT for more effective therapy

The exclusive benefit of the Institute of Cell Therapy Clinic is the highly effective placenta drugs, developed and manufactured on the basis of its own Cryobank. The Institute of Cell Therapy was the first in Ukraine and one of the first in the world to offer future parents a high-tech service of placenta storage after childbirth, and has been a leader in placenta research for more than 10 years.

Scientists at the Institute of Cell Therapy are members of the International Placenta Stem Cell Society (IPLASS) and the International Federation of Placenta Associations (IFPA), and have repeatedly been awarded prestigious prizes from these organizations.

Today, on the international scene, the level of a researcher or scientific center is determined by the status of journals that accept their scientific works, or rather, the impact factor. So, the scientific articles by the authors of the Institute of Cell Therapy, devoted to the study of placental stem cells, were published in such prestigious international journals as Placenta (2017, Impact factor 2.8), Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine (2016, 2017, Impact factor – 1.56), Oncology letters (2018, Impact factor – 1.6), Сytometry Part A (2018, Impact factor – 3.26).

And this year, an article from the Institute of Cell Therapy, devoted to the results of research on immunophenotypes and genes expression by stem cell on the various stages of cultivation, was accepted and published by an international peer-reviewed scientific journal BioMed Research International. This journal is cited in Scopus and Pubmed, and the impact factor of the edition is 2.6.

This paper of the team of Institute of Cell Therapy authors, entitled “High Proliferative Placenta-Derived Multipotent Cells Express Cytokeratin 7 at Low Level” is of great practical value, since it presents valuable molecular markers of the placenta stem cells at different stages of cultivation, that is important for the purposes of cell therapy.


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