Professional athletes who have been treated with stem cells

Stem cells are new medicines in the fight against many serious diseases, as well as a source of health and youth.

More and more athletes, wishing to recover as soon as possible and, if possible, to avoid risky surgery are increasingly benefiting from stem cell therapy. After all, stem cells have the potential to repair damaged ligaments.

  1. Jarvis Green from the Denver Broncos team
    In 2010, the National League player Jarvis Green contacted the Regenexx medical center for stem cells treatment because of his knee injuries. Therapy was based on the isolation of stem cells from the athlete’s bone marrow and their introduction into the knee joints. Before this, the athlete had 2 surgeries on knee joints, but both interventions were characterized by complications and a long period of recovery.
  2. Knowshon Moreno from the Denver Broncos team
    Halfback of Denver Broncos has also been treated with stem cells due to knee joint injuries in 2013.
  3. Sidney Rice from the Seattle Seahawks team
    Sidney Rice went for stem cells treatment to Switzerland, the athlete was treated with the injections of the cell drug Regenokine.
  4. Hines Ward from the Pittsburgh Steelers team Heine Ward was among the first athletes who applied for cell therapy for rapid recovery after straining the medial knee joint.
  5. Adrian Clayborn from the Atlanta Falcons team
    The defender of the Falcons team was performed a knee surgery and was treated with the stem cells to speed up his recovery due to the rupture of the medial collateral ligament of the left knee.
  6. Jamaal Charles from Kansas City Chiefs
    Jamaal Charles has undergone surgery because of the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee joint and underwent cell therapy based on the allocation of stem cells from the own bone marrow and their injection into the knee joint.
  7. Rolando McClain from the Oakland Raiders Team
    Rolando McClean was suffering from the chronic knee pain during 2 years. During the offseason, the athlete was treated with autologous stem cells isolated from adipose tissue.
  8. Aaron Curry from the Oakland Raiders team
    Halfback of Raiders’ had injuries of both knee joints and received stem cell therapy.
  9. Alex Rodriguez from the New York Yankees
    Alex Rodríguez has been treated with stem cells in Germany for knee injuries. Treatment included platelet-enriched plasma in the knee and shoulder joints.
  10. Takashi Saito from L.A. Dodgers
    Takashi Saito from Los Angeles Dodgers did not want to risk his career, therefore, he did not agree for knee surgery, but went for cell therapy at Intermountain Stem Cells.
  11. Pau Gasol from the San Antonio Spurs
    Pau Gasol, instead of surgery, received cell therapy based on injections of own stem cells into the knee joints to remove damaged tissue.
  12. LaRon Landry from the Washington Redskins
    LaRon Landry missed many games in 2012 due to a trauma of the left Achilles tendon. But instead of the operation, the athlete used cell therapy.

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In Ukraine, the Institute of Cell Therapy developed a technology for the regeneration of intervertebral discs based on the use of cultivated autologous chondrocytes (cartilage cells). The new method of treatment, which accelerates the rehabilitation of patients with hernias of intervertebral discs, has already been awarded by the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.


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