Sleep deprivation damages stem cells

Stem cells are unique. Stem cells form all specialized cells of our body.  And no less important feature of stem cells is that they are capable of self-renewing. For many years, stem cells may be in a state of so-called “reversible quiescence”, after which, if necessary, they can reactivate and perform their regenerative action.

Recently, scientists have explored the effect of sleep on stem cells and obtained incredible data that stem cells contribute to wound healing and regeneration of the organism, predominantly when we are sleeping. Thus, a normal sleep rejuvenates the human body. The importance of preservation of the normal circadian rhythms of the organism at a young age in order to preserve health in the future was also shown.

The importance of sleep for functional activity of stem cells is confirmed by the fact that lack of sleep leads to worse results of the bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells transplant (analogous to umbilical cord blood stem cells).

Research conducted at Stanford University (USA) showed that 4 hours sleep deprivation worsen for 50% the ability of stem cells to migrate. Also, experimental studies have shown that lack of sleep results in genetic disorders in stem cells. And only 2 hours of restorative sleep normalize the functional parameters of stem cells.

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