About aging.

The one word “aging” causes a lot of negative emotions to most of people, and sometimes also the panic fear of deep wrinkles on the face, hospital beds, loss of professional and social activities. Therefore mankind for centuries tried to find a “philosopher’s stone” and the secret of eternal youth, but of course these attempts proved to be ineffective due to improper formulation of the problem. Because the process of aging of the humam body is the same natural process as its growth and development at a young age. However, according to the adaptive-regulatory theory of aging, in the human body together with the damaging process of aging, another system of “anti-aging” is functioning,  aimed at the maintaining of the viability of the body, its adaptation and increase of the duration of life. On the basis of these ideas,  the conception of  therapy, aimed to prevent the age-related pathology was developed. This led to the emergence of a trend in medicine, called “anti-aging” or anti-aging therapy. Therapy of “anti-aging” includes both the culture of healthy lifestyle, and the application of a number of medicamentous and non- medicamentous interventions, aimed at increasing of  the regenerative capacity of the aging body, enhancement of its immune defense, countering genetic mutations and increase of vivality.

Therefore, from the point of view of modern science, there is no need to fight agains aging processes, but it is important to prevent any undesirable effects of the mature period of life in time. Then the autumn of life as well as the autumn of the year will not bring illness and loss of attractiveness, but it will become the “golden” and sunny period to enjoy the fruits of work, the company of acquired friends,  joy of children and grandchildren, and will allow to continue the full life in all its aspects.

As famous German poet Goethe wrote: “Beautiful young people are just a whim of nature, while every older person is a product of the artist. “Each of us, using the achievements of modern medicine, has the potential to become the “artist” of probably the most beautiful period of their life.

Anti-age-therapy with the use of stem cells.

One of the most effective anti-age treatments (anti-aging) is the use of stem cells.

Stem cells are the fundamental principle of the body, giving rise to 240 types of specialized cells and tissues. However, with age, the number of stem cells is steadily decreasing, what mediates the slower healing of wounds and fractures in elderly, increasing the likelihood of injuries and the emergence of the number of chronic diseases. For example, if at the time of birth the content of stem cells in human body is 1 stem cell per 10,000, then in 50 years there is one stem cell per half a million of hematopoietic cells, and in 70 years – one stem cell per million. In order to maintain the regenerative capacity of the body in future, the practice of banking of the autologous stem cells is widely used at the moment, collected while the person is still young and healthy. With this purpose the stem cells of umbilical cord blood, bone marrow, adipose tissue, placenta, milk teeth pulp are banked.

When administered to the patient, the stem cells migrate to the affected organs and provide a powerful restoration of the entire biological structures, normalizes metabolism, aligning the immune status of the body, increasing antitumor resistance. Thus, the administration of a cell suspension leads to the increase of the number of white blood cells in cancer patients with chemotherapeutic depression of hematopoiesis from 2 to 5 thousand within two weeks.

Stem cells actively fulfill the most important role: replace damaged and old cells of the body, no other drug is capable to do this.

The Institute of Cell Therapy developed an exclusive program of revitalization, based on the use of stem cells and placenta extract to rejuvenate the body as a whole: without the use of medication and surgical interventions.

Revitalization (“the restitution of vitality”) is the newest method of rejuvenation, using the latest advances in molecular and cell biology, which allows, without changing the aging and damaged organs, restitute and rejuvenate their cellular composition.

The program is aimed at revitalizing and the inhibition of aging, restoration of the entire body to the former, younger and biologically active functional level. The program also activates sexual function, increases libido both in men and women, increases sex potency.

When introduced to the body, the stem cells and placenta extract have a double effect: the incoming cells begin to work intensively, regenerating and revitalizing aging organs and tissues, they also start up a mechanism that promotes the rejuvenation and revitalization of the own stem cells in the body.

Revitalization is very effective and has a gradual character. First, it regulates the work of the endocrine system, kidneys, liver and other organs, so the restoration of all body functions occur. In consequence of that, the proper functioning of the internal organs provide a beautiful, healthy appearance, good humor, and sexual activity.

Typically, this program is recommended, when your age is approaching 40, but the indications, regardless of the number of years, include:

  1. reduction of intellectual and physical capabilities
  2. general fatigue
  3. weakening of the immune system
  4. depletion of the autonomous nervous system as a result of stress
  5. decreased libido
  6. depression, insomnia
  7. chronic diseases: migraine headaches, neuralgia, back pain, sciatica
  8. complications after surgery and diseases.

Revitalization is necessary for those, who are constantly overstraining their body as a result of intensive exercises, are active in social and political activities, business …

Revitalization is recommended to people, who truly love and appreciate life, cherish every moment, do not want to accept the unreasonable belief that feeble old age can not be avoided.

There are no contraindications to the revitalization.

Due to the long-term observations, patients who have undergone revitalization with the use of stem cells, note that their appearance is significantly different compared to  their counterparts.

Stabilization of the age and quality of life is the usual prognosis of cell therapy. Multiple injections can really bring back the lost 5-10 years!

The presence of human stem cells as well as many low molecular weight proteins, hormones and growth factors in the biological products is the base for the cell therapy.

Cell therapy in its complex action:

  1. normalizes and stimulates metabolism;
  2. increases the activity of the immune and neuroendocrine systems;
  3. has a strong anti-tumor effect;
  4. delay premature aging, causes multi-functional rejuvenation of the body;
  5. has a pronounced therapeutic effect in a wide range of pathology.

Shining eyes, elastic skin, easy gait, straight posture, vigor and good night’s sleep are the result of the revitalization in the Institute of Cell Therapy.

Powerful cosmetic effect of revitalization is mediated by the fact that stem cells, getting into the skin stimulate the production of collagen – a useful element for the elasticity of the skin, as well as elastin, which restores the skin silhouette. Stem cells can also improve metabolism and microcirculation, smoothing out the skin wrinkles, the skin gets a healthy complexion,  dryness and irritation disappear.

Revitalization restores the immune system, regulates the function of internal organs, increases vitality. You will feel, how the symptoms of old diseases are reduced, your health and appearance will improve, you will feel more energetic, concentration processes and quick thinking will also improve. Stem cells can maintain visual appeal thanks to the internal health of the body.

Our clinic offers you to benefit from the wonderful properties of stem cells after the course of revitalization. It should be noted that the revitalization with the stem cells is recommended not only when age-related diseases occur, but also in the young age for prophylactic effect. Fill in the form and our experts will contact you to answer any question.

Program of “Anti-age therapy”is designed for 7 days in the hospital:

  1. Medical consultation of the “Anti-age therapy” specialist.
  2. Consultation of the cardiologist.
  3. Complete blood and urine tests.
  4. Biochemical analysis of blood.
  5. Tumor markers, sexual hormones and thyroid hormones, screening for viral infections.
  6. Electrocardiogram
  7. Ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity and pelvis.
  8. The course of infusion therapy increases the effectiveness of the procedure “Revitalization”
  9. Classic massage number 6
  10. The procedure “Revitalization” – the intravenous infusion of stem cells.

Cosmetic procedures:

  1. Mechanical cleaning of the face
  2. Diagnosis of skin on skin scanner.
  3. The procedure “Regeneration”- cosmetic masks with the placenta extract
  4. Facial massage due to Jacquet (medical) № 5

Experimental studies showed that therapy with placental stem cells prevents age degenerative changes of skin and internal organs, increases antioxidant defense of the body and increases duration of life.


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